Vegas Pawn Stars Game & Trivia with Rick Harrison

Who are the stars of Las Vegas Pawn Stars?
If you’re unfamiliar with Pawn Stars, it is not only one of the most popular shows on the History Channel, but it’s also one of the most popular shows on cable TV. It’s a show about a very popular and successful pawn shop (The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop) in Las Vegas, and the family who runs it, the Harrisons. The show has a likable cast of characters. The sometimes gruff demeanor of Rick and his father, Richard “Old Man” Harrison, belie their inner good natures.

Rick’s son, Corey, and his good friend, Austin “Chumlee” Russell, help counterbalance the show, and bring a bit of humor to it, though Corey is actually a shrewd businessman in his own right, and Chumlee is becoming more knowledgeable about the business with every passing day.

The 24-hr pawn shop was co-founded by Rick and his father and it opened in 1989. Every day, approximately 4,000 people visit the shop, either to sightsee, meet the Harrisons and Chumlee, or to pawn or sell their possessions for a bit of quick cash. Fans of Pawn Stars can even go on a VIP tour of The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

On the new Pawn Stars History Trivia Game Show (this might not end up being the actual title), if you are one of the lucky people chosen at the open casting call this coming Saturday, you will be able to go head-to-head in a later taping of the show against the Harrison family and Chumlee in a test of your history trivia skills. You just might walk away with cash and prizes from the pawn shop, also, if your trivia skills prove to be a match for the worthy adversaries you’ll be facing.

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