Vegas Pawn Stars Trivia | Rick dropped out of high school to pursue his business – selling what?

Rick dropped out of high school to pursue his business – selling what? (Fake Gucci bags)
Rick regretted buying which one of these items? (200,000 Watch Crystals for $5,000)
Salvador Dali had a pathological fear of what? (Grasshoppers)
Salvador Dali once gave a lecture while doing what? (Wearing a diving suit)
The “Supreme Instrument.” in Jaipur, India, is the world’s largest what? (Sundial)
The Blunderbuss gets its name from the Dutch “donderbus”, which means what? (Thunder gun)
The dollar became the official currency of the U.S. in what year? (1785)
The first slot machine was invented in what year? (1895)
The first state-sponsored lottery in the U.S. was held in which state? (Massachusetts)
The Hawaiian word “Ukelele” roughly translates to what? (Jumping flea)
The Knights of the Round Table were first mentioned when? (1155 A.D.)
The New York Yankees paid Joe Dimaggio how much for the 1951 season? ($100,000)
The Pawn Shop has had memorabilia from which of the following US presidents? (President Benjamin Harrison)
The Winchester repeating rifle became known as what? (The Gun that Won the West)
Though popularly associated with Vikings, the battle axe first appeared where? (Ancient Egypt)

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