Pawn Star Plaza | Vegas Pawn Stars Tours

The star of “Pawn Stars” and “Pawnography,” both on the History Channel, plans to build a shopping center of sorts using Xtreme Cubes System built by Xtreme Manufacturing, a company owned by Las Vegan Don Ahern.

Harrison’s plans call for 22 modular cubes, each one 288 square feet in size. It will be possible to house six restaurants and the rest, about 16 or so, will be retail shops.

The hope is that many people who often wait a long time to get into the pawn shop will be enticed to go spend a few dollars shopping or eating at Pawn Stars Plaza.

Harrison said it’s part of his personal redevelopment plan for the 700 block of Las Vegas Boulevard South. Harrison Properties owns four parcels, including the pawn shop at 713 Las Vegas Blvd. South, the parking lot north of the shop, and the site of a tattoo parlor.

Right now, the site south of the pawn shop where Pawn Star Plaza will sit is a dreary tattoo shop, which is closed. South of that, adjacent to Gass Avenue, are two bail bonds businesses, atop land Harrison hopes to buy from a Stupak Subtrust. If that works, he can double his retail operation with a mirror version of the first one.

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