Pawn Stars Trivia & Tours Leaving Daily from Las Vegas Hotels

    Las Vegas Pawn Stars Hotel
  • How big is the shop's showroom? (15,000 ft²)
  • How did Chumlee get his nickname? ("Tennessee Tuxedo" character "Chumley.")
  • How long did the Old Man serve in the Navy? (20 years)
  • How long have Chumlee and Corey been friends? (15 Years)
  • How many 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridges were made? (116)
  • How many bills does the U.S. print deach day? (38,000,000)
  • How many cars has the shop bought and sold over the years? (Hundreds)
  • How many employees did the Shop have when it opened? (4)
  • How many fake items/replicas have been brought into the Pawn Shop since it opened? (Over 10,000)
  • How many items does the Shop take in on pawn in an average week? (More than 1,000)
  • How many men did the Apollo program eventually put on the moon? (12)
  • How many pawn shops currently operate in the US? (More than 12,000)
  • How many Richard Harrison's are there? (3)
  • How many teeth can a shark expect to lose over its lifetime? (up to 35,000)
  • How many times has Chumlee been promoted? (Never)
  • How many times has the shop expanded since opening? (10)
  • How many transactions has the Pawn Shop made since it opened? (Over 1,000,000)
  • How many transactions have occurred at the Pawn Shop since last year? (100,000)
  • How many visitors does the Pawn Shop get on an average day? (Over 400)
  • How old was Chumlee when he got his nickname? (12)
  • How old was Chumlee when he started working at the Pawn Shop? (21)
  • How old was Corey when he started working at the shop? (8)
  • How old was the Old Man when he got his nickname? (38)

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